Feb 12, 2018

Hints to complete #2 Mysterious Prison

[REMARK] Don't read this article if you have not reached happy end yet.

For event complete, all items need to be used and even nonsense events need to be fulfilled.

* Graffiti ... You can erase some word by some time in the first room.
* Engraving ... You can erase it by some itme also.
* Music tape ... You can hear its sound before setting to computer.
* Hole ... You fall it with some item then it will be broken.
* Spinning top ... You burn it then you can improve game techique.
* Wind-bell ... You can hear it before getting fan.
* 16Bit board kit ... You can attach it to some computer.
* Mascot ... He likes some jewelry.
* Robot head ... It contains strange component.
* Sapphire ... Anubis curse you but some figure save you.
* Power PC ... You can attach it to some computer.
* Memento ... You can give it to some doll.
* Mother computer ... You can break it by some item.
* Twin famicom ... It will be broken if you insert both at once.
* Password input ... You need to try several numbers displayed on computers
even though you know they don't make sense.
* Unknown machine ... It can generate something from 2 materials.

Good luck!

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