Apr 11, 2012

Keyless cabinet

Yeas ago, I watched a TV program that an artist made a wooden box that had no mechanical lock but just a slit. When he slide a paper through the slit, the box opened. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any information regarding this item on the web at the moment.

Apr 10, 2012


X68000 was one of 16bit hobby computer by Sharp 1987 in Japan. This computer consisted of 68000 MPU, 65536 colors, Sprite, PCM, etc. Since other computers adopted intel 8086 CPU, designed for business, X68K attracted not only gamer but also many hobby programmers. I also enjoyed this computer in my collage days.

Apr 9, 2012

Nipopo doll

Nipopo doll, sold in Abashiri city, in Hokkaido, are made by prisoners in Abashiri Prison. In an old advanture game 'Oho-tsuku ni Kiyu', this item relates some key point of story, especially the doll cried when case of murder occrured. Therefore, some of old Japanese gamer know this doll cries even though he don't know the reason. Of cource, I visited to Hokkaido and bought it.

Nipopo doll shop

Apr 6, 2012

Another Ninja House

There are two Ninja groups in Japan, One is Iga in Mie prefecture and another is Koga in Shiga prefecture. Koga Ninja house is not replica but real Ninja's estate! It looks like ordinary traditional Japanese house, however, varios tricks are hidden all over. Exibithion space is smaller than Iga's one. I recommend people should visit both houses. Iga and Koga Ninja houses place a few hours drive away from Kyoto.

Apr 5, 2012

Ninja House

I have visited Iga Ninja house (replica) and museum in Mie prefecture, Japan. In house, there are a lot of interesting tricks: Turn wall, secret door, peephole etc.. Also I got various Ninja's activity in the museum. I implemented several tricks, derived from Ninja, into Mysterious Mansion as below:

Turn wall:
Push a wall to turn it and go through the next room..

Stick blade:
When Ninja intends to get over a wall, he stick his blade to ground and step on it, jump the wall. Therefore, Ninja blade was shorter than Samurai's one.

I also want to implement a lot of remaining tricks in future game.

Apr 4, 2012

Mysterious Mansion

In my childhood, I played an adventure game 'Mystery House', which was released from MicroCabin 1982 in Japan for MZ-2200. This game drew all objects by green wire frame. I explored unknown computer world and was so excited! However, it is a little troublesome to type all command from keyboard. 

In 1999, I used Sharp Zaurus, touch panel PDA of Japan, and want to develop a game with touch panel UI. I came up with Mystery house like game 'Mystery Home'. This game looks like Mystery House, however, refine user interface by touch panel and implement original tricks. Then I ported it to Android as Mysterious Mansion.

Mysterious Games

I developed the following Android games and released in Google Play. 

Mysterious Mansion
Mysterious Prison

I implemented a lot of trick, came from my interesting topics and theme. So I will comment about various episodes regarding those games from now on. I hope more and more players enjoy my games.